Pro DG Systems - Lüleburgaz Yildizlari Art Academy


Pro DG Systems installation at Lüleburgaz Yildizlari Sanat Akademisi (Turkey) by Prosistem Elek. Sis. San. Ve Tic A.S (exclusive Pro DG Systems distributor in Turkey).

The sound installation features more than 73.000 W (RMS) of Pro DG Systems products, composed by:

24 x GTA 2X8 LA and 8 x GT 2X8 LA
4 x GT 221 B
4 x GTA 118 B SW and 6 x GT 118 B
7 x IT 212 PA
2 x IT-A 115 F and 2 x IT 115 F
4 x i 106
32 x i 110
18 x MA 12

Thank you so much to all the team from Prosistem Elek. Sis. San. Ve Tic A.S for the great effort and amazing job!