We have the most advanced Software and tools, a human team with extensive experience in the manufacture of Cabinet, hardware and all kinds of accessories, which allows us to control the entire process from the beginning and carry out an exhaustive quality control in each of the parts that make up each system.


Our engineering department selects the best loudspeaker components on the market, this allows us to guarantee maximum performance, acoustic quality and reliability in all our equipment.


All Pro DG Systems powered systems incorporate state-of-the-art Class-D amplification. The Pro DG Systems amplification modules are among the most powerful on the market, providing maximum SPL and acoustic quality, they have the most complete protection scheme on the market and are designed to ensure the continuous operation of the system, even in very adverse conditions.


Available for all Pro DG Systems products, it includes all the control functions needed in modern acoustic engineering while being very intuitive and easy to use.

INCLUDE: - Grouping. - Clear graphical editing of Parametric Equalizers. - Saving PEQ graphics as images. - Export presets as text files. - Measurement of delays in meters, millimeters, feet, inches, seconds and milliseconds.

Other functions include: - Remote monitoring of external equipment status. - Creation of different user levels for easy access rights management (allowing our users to block access in unwanted areas). - Integrated remote firmware upgrade.

Our software is available for different versions of Windows, Mac OS X and iOS (iPad). USB and Ethernet interface are also available. Bundling functions are supported on both interface types. sat@prodgsystems.com


All of our Line Array systems come with Ease Focus V-3 Acoustic Prediction Software, which is available and can be downloaded for free here.

Ease Focus allows simulating the behavior of our systems in different places and circumstances, obtaining information on coverage, frequency, SPL and general behavior of the systems in a simple and comfortable way, allowing our users to obtain maximum control and performance of their systems whatever. whatever the type of venue or event. Training courses for users of Pro DG Systems products are available, for more information consult our technical service: sat@prodgsystems.com


Our R+D+i department works closely with all our partners and professionals in the sector around the world, collecting and evaluating their opinions and suggestions to continue advancing and being able to satisfy the demands of all users. At Pro DG Systems we consider it essential to develop high quality and reliable systems that facilitate the work of our users and customers around the world.


Reliability is of the utmost importance to us and can only be guaranteed through exhaustive control and continuous quality testing. All the parts and components included in our systems are 100% exhaustively analyzed in our factory in Spain to guarantee their correct operation. Each stage of assembly is supervised to guarantee that the system strictly complies with the specifications of the brand. Additionally, the construction of our systems allows our customers to easily replace any component without the need for any alignment procedures, making it possible to quickly restore full system functionality.


Our Technical Advice Service is always attentive and in constant communication with our clients to attend to all their queries and needs, offer complete advice (training) this allows our users to be constantly updated on the different novelties to obtain the maximum performance of our systems. in any situation or event.


Available to all Pro DG Systems users worldwide. Your technical needs and spare parts will be quickly attended by our distribution partners, or by ourselves, offering a quick solution. (Consult the nearest technical service at: sat@prodgsystems.com