The perfect combination between high quality audio and a full set of features. With a USB interface on the front panel, Ethernet interface on the rear and AVB audio streaming capability, excellent for both permanent installation as for touring applications.

Its 96 kHz sample rate, dynamic range of 118 dB (A) and a maximum input level of +23dBu allows the adaptation to any type of need in any situation.

The PRO 26 is a powerful processor with two AES / EBU inputs, plus six outputs, 10 band of parametric EQ on each input / output and a frequency range up to 40 kHz.

With an intuitive user interface and real - time monitoring on Mac or PC, via a built - in USB and Ethernet interface with own software of Pro DG Systems, the Pro 26’s rugged analogue input stage accepts input voltages of up to 10V RMS (+ 23 dBu), matching any source on the market today, with an excellent dynamic range of 118dB.

Using a toroidal transformer for clean power supply rails, 64-bit digital processing along with the most remarkable converters available, to offer an excellent sound quality.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: • 64 bit digital processing. • 100 presets. • Frequency range: 10Hz - 40kHz • Two / four balanced inputs (XLR) • Six matched-impedance outputs (XLR) • Fully configurable routing of inputs to outputs • AVB audio streaming capability • 10 parametric filters per input and output. • Parametric filters: Bell, High Shelf, * Low Shelf, Notch, Allpass. • Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley filters up to 24dB / oct. • Delay: 2s • Limiter • 180° phase • 16-character LCD display • Full configuration and real-time monitoring from PC or Mac, via onboard USB and/or Ethernet interface and included software. • Dynamic range on inputs: 118dB. • Input gain: -48 to +12dB • Dynamic range on outputs: 114dB. • Nominal input level: +0dBu • Maximum input level: +23dBu • Nominal output level: +0dBu • Maximum output level: +12dBu • Latency: < 1ms • Power supply: 220 or 110V AC (internal power supply with toroidal transformer) • Power consumption: < 15W