AVIATOR LA 212 A is one of the Line Array systems from the new AVIATOR Series.

The new AVIATOR Series from Pro DG Systems has been developed with the purpose of offering the best quality-price ratio on the market. It has a completely modernized appearance, great power and reduced weight thanks to the incorporation of state-of-the-art Lavoce Italiana components.

Designed in Spain, the new AVIATOR LA 212 A is the self-powered three-way Line Array system with the best quality-price ratio on the market.

Equipped with two 12” Lavoce Italiana speakers in a tuned enclosure. The HF section features a 1/4” Lavoce Italiana compression driver coupled to a waveguide.

The transducer configuration generates a symmetrical and horizontal dispersion of 90º without secondary lobes in the frequency range.

AVIATOR LA 212 A has a new state-of-the-art Class-D amplifier module and own DSP, very intuitive to use for easy handling and absolute control. The included amplifier has been designed to, in addition to amplifying the unit itself, amplify another passive unit (AVIATOR LA 212 P) in slave mode, thanks to the incorporation of one channel with 2500 W RMS for LF + one channel with 1500 W RMS for MF + one channel with 500 W RMS for HF.

It incorporates a switching power supply and a limiter system to guarantee the protection of both the amplifier and the other components as well. Includes factory presets.

Remote processing, control and management are carried out through ProDGnet software. ProDGnet software allows an instantaneous and intuitive view of the status of all systems, as well as absolute control of the different parameters individually (unit by unit).

Ease Focus prediction software is available.

At Pro DG Systems we know the importance for professionals of having a flexible, easily configurable system that guarantees maximum sound performance without the cost of external processors or additional wiring.

The joint use of ProDGnet processing software and Ease Focus prediction software allows you to achieve this objective in seconds, achieving:

- Remote SPL level control.

- Frequency response uniformity for the entire public.

- Digital direction of sound projection in listening areas.

- Reduction of the sound pressure level in areas that should be avoided, such as the stage, walls, or unused balconies.

- Simplification and streamlining of assembly times.

The construction of the AVIATOR LA 212 A system is made of birch plywood using CNC machining, with a special polyurea finish resistant to impacts and inclement weather. Its front part is protected by a robust metal grille and acoustic foam.

The flight hardware design of AVIATOR LA 212 A system is quick and intuitive to use. The fly bar also allows the use of several units in stack format.

Easy to transport thanks to its compact, lightweight and ergonomic design, offering a pleasant visual impact too. AVIATOR LA 212 A has all the necessary accessories for transport and complete wiring ready to plug in and work.

The perfect solution as main PA at outdoor events or permanent installation. Ideal for working in live concerts, theaters, coverage under amphitheaters, places of worship, corporate applications and all types of events where high performance and versatility are necessary.


Power handling

1100 W RMS / 2200 W program / 4400 W peak.

Maximum SPL Calculation

1m / 130 dB continuous / 133 dB program / 136 dB peak.

Nominal impedance

8 Ohm.

Frequency range

65 - 20000 Hz.

Dispersion angle

90º horizontal. Vertical dependent on distribution.

MF and LF components

Two Lavoce Italiana 12” speakers. Neodymium. 500 W RMS (per unit).

HF component

One Lavoce Italiana 1/4" compression driver. Neodymium. 100 W RMS.

Frequency cut-off for LF 

Without subwoofer: 65 Hz Linkwitz-riley 24 filter - 250 Hz Linkwitz-riley 24 filter.

With subwoofer: 90 Hz Linkwitz-riley 24 filter - 250 Hz Linkwitz-riley 24 filter.

Frequency cut-off for MF 

250 Hz Linkwitz-riley 24 filter - 1200 Hz Linkwitz-riley 24 filter.

Frequency cut-off for HF 

1200 Hz Linkwitz-riley 24 filter - 18 kHz Linkwitz-riley 24 filter.

Frequency cut-off for subwoofer 

Up to 90 Hz Linkwitz-riley 24 filter.


State-of-the-art Class-D. 1 x 2500 W RMS for LF + 1 x 1500 W RMS for MF + 1 x 500 W RMS for HF.

Surge protection up to 265 V AC, output protection against overload, clip, limiter.

Input type:                balanced.

Input impedance:     20000 ohms.

Input sensitivity:       6.2 V (+18 dBu).


24 Bit / 96 KHz. 6 factory presets with on-screen selection button.

Pro DG net

1 RS485 input + 1 output link RS485 for network control of the entire system.


1 x XLR female (input signal), 1x XLR male (output link).

1 x Speakon output for passive unit AVIATOR LA 212 P.

PowerCON NAC3FCB (current supply).


On / off switch and master volume. Preset selector cursor.

Power supply

AC 90~265V - 50 / 60HZ.


Birch plywood using CNC machining. 2mm thick perforated steel front grille, with oven-dried black electrostatic powder paint finish. Includes acoustic foam.


Special polyurea finish resistant to impacts and inclement weather. Black color (standard).

Dimensions (height x  width x depth)

352 x 966 x 468 mm (13,86 x 38,03 x 18,43 in).


47 Kg (103,62 lbs) net / 50 Kg (110,23 lbs) with packaging.