Compact self-powered subwoofer equipped with one (1) speaker of 18" in a tuned enclosure. IT-A 118 B is an excellent low reinforcement for the different systems from the IT-A Series. The perfect solution as compact P.A. in small and medium outdoor events, or permanent installation. Since it is a subwoofer, the transducer configuration generates an omnidirectional audio projection.

IT-A 118 B incorporates a new Class-D amplification module to amplify itself and another passive unit IT 1M6 i, IT 1M6 L.A. IT 2M6 i, IT 112 PAi 403, i 803, M 10, or M 12 which allows making infinite ultra compact configurations.


Power Handling: 4000 W peak / 2000 W program / 1000 W RMS (EIA 426A Standard). Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm Average Sensitivity: 99 dB / 2.83 V / 1m (average of 50 - 1000 Hz wideband). Calculated Maximum SPL: / 1m 125 dB continuous / 128 dB program / 131 dB peak.

Frequency Range: +/- 3 dB between 30 - 150 Hz. Nominal Directivity: Omnidirectional. Low Frequency Driver: One (1) Pro DG Systems speaker of 18", 8 Ohm, 1000 W. Amplifier included: Last generation Class-D amplifier with 2 channels, 1*1200w for Low + 1*600w para Sat, with voltage selector, 96kHz DSP Processor, 24 bit with 3 factory presets. Speakon output for SAT. Connectors: 1 XLR channel / combo with output for satellite + XLR Link.

Controls: ON/OFF switch, volume control, Bluetooth ON/OFF switch, TWS switch, DSP management switch + LCD display for presets selection. Acoustic enclosure: CNC fabrication in 18mm birch plywood.

Power Supply: 110~220V 50/60HZ with voltage selector. Finish: Standard black paint job.

Grille / Hardware: 2 mm metal grille with 0.5 mm acoustic foam + 1 m20 pole mount adapter + 2 handles with aluminum handgrip.

Dimensions: (HxWxD); 520x715x605mm (20,47”x28,15”x23,82”)

Weight: 49,4 Kg (108,9 lbs) net / 50,9 Kg (112,21 lbs) with packaging.