The ideal portable multifunction system for multiple applications as near field reinforcement and main PA for touring or permanent installation on wall or ceiling support, specially for vocals and instruments, frontfill, sidefill and various applications. ALTEA Mini is the most powerful and compact multifunction system of its rank. It can work on stack mode with subwoofer or on flight mode, using flight hardware.

Prediction Software: EASE FOCUS Prediction Software for all the systems from Mini ALTEA SERIES available, to simulate their response in different venues with different assemblies (consult with technical service).

Software for Signal Processing: available for all the Mini ALTEA SERIES which allows, via USB or Ethernet, connect with the PC to the internal processor and select different configured factory presets, to optimize the system at any situation or event. At the same time we can access to the processor manually using the button next to the screen and select different factory presets. (Consult technical service). Training available for all the Pro DG Systems customers.

High quality sound systems, Pro DG Systems amplifier modules of last generation Class D. Professional sound systems totally designed, manufactured and optimized in Europe (Spain), exclusively using the best European components and raw materials.