The ideal portable multifunction system for multiple applications of near field reinforcement and main PA in permanent installation on wall or ceiling support, special for voices and instruments, frontfill and sidefill. ALTEA SERIES allows to be used as mini Line Array system working in stack mode together with subwoofer or flight mode using bumper. Its high performance, compact size, light weight and versatility makes it the most powerful and practical system of its range, being even superior to other much bigger and heavier systems.

Prediction Software: EASE FOCUS Prediction Software for all the systems from ALTEA SERIES is available to simulate their response on different venues with different assemblies (consult technical service).

Software for Signal Processing is available for all the systems from ALTEA SERIES. It allows connecting the internal processor with the PC, through USB or Ethernet connections and selecting different configured factory presets to optimize the system in any type of situation or event. At the same time, we can access to the processor manually through the button next to the display and select different factory presets (consult technical service). Complete Training is available for all the Pro DG Systems customers.

High quality products, amplification modules Pro DG Systems GT 4.0 of last generation, Class D. Professional sound systems 100% made in Spain.