2-way self-powered Line Array system of high performance equipped with one (1) speaker of 12” in a tuned enclosure. The HF section has three (3) compression drivers of 1” coupled to a wave guide. The transducer configuration generates a symmetric and horizontal dispersion of 90 degrees without secondary lobes over the frequency range. Ideal as main P.A. Frontfill, Sidefill and Downfill in outdoor events or permanent installation. It is excellent to be combined with GTA 118 B or GTA 218 B, which allows different configurations of high performance and SPL.  

EASE FOCUS prediction software is available. Click here to download GLL file for Ease Focus V.2.

GTA 1X12 L.A. incorporates a Class D amplifier module of last generation Pro DG Systems GT 1.2 H. Click here to see more information about GT 1.2 H.

DSP Software is available. Click here to redirect to the download link of this software. Consult our Technical Service for more information. 

F / Case for transport 4 units GTA 1X12 L.A. is available.

Dolly board and protection cover for transport 4 units GTA 1X12 L.A. is available.


Power Handling: 650 W RMS (EIA 426A Standard) / 1300 W program / 2600 W peak. Nominal Impendence: Mid 8 Ohm / High 24 Ohm. Average Sensitivity: 100 dB / 2.83 V / 1m (average of 100-16000 Hz wideband). Calculated Maximum SPL: / 1m 128 dB continuous / 131 dB program / 134 dB peak. Frequency Range: +/- 3 dB from 80 Hz to 20 KHz Nominal Directivity: 90º degrees horizontal, vertical dispersion depends on longitude or personalized configuration. Low / Mid Frequency Driver: One (1) Beyma speaker of 12", 8 Ohm, 500 W 312mm (3”) of diameter with high temperature glass fiber voice coil. High Frequency Driver: Three (3) Beyma drivers of 1", 8 Ohm, 50 W, 25mm exit, (44.4mm) with diaphragm voice coil. Recommended Amplifier: Pro DG systems GT 1.2 H into the Cabinet Connectors: 2 X XLR + 1 NL4MP speakon connectors. USB-Ethernet + 2 X Powercom. Acoustic Box: CNC model, 15mm made from birch wood plated on the exterior. Finish: Standard black paint job. Box Dimensions: (HxWxD) 370x580x445mm (14.57”x22.84”x17.52”).

Weight: 35,4 Kg (78.04 lbs) net weight / 36.8 Kg (81.13 lbs) gross weight with packing materials.