AM-4800DSP is a state-of-the-art Class-D amplifier module with own DSP,  very intuitive to use for easy handling and absolute control.

AM-4800DSP is included in the models AVIATOR LA 212 A and IBIZA LA 212 A.

It incorporates one channel with 2500 W RMS for LF + one channel with 1500 W RMS for MF + one channel with 500 W RMS for HF. Each module AM-4800DSP included in AVIATOR LA 212 A or IBIZA LA 212 A allows, in addition to amplifying the unit itself, amplifying another passive unit AVIATOR LA 212 P or IBIZA LA 212 P in slave mode.

Switching power supply with overvoltage protection up to 265 V AC, output protection against overload and limiter system are included to guarantee protection of the amplifier as well as other components. Included factory presets.

Remote processing, control and management are carried out through ProDGnet software. ProDGnet software allows an instantaneous and intuitive view of the status of all systems, as well as absolute control of the different parameters individually (unit by unit).

Click here to download ProDGnet software.



1 x 2500 W RMS for LF + 1 x 1500 W RMS for MF + 1 x 500 W RMS for HF.


Surge protection up to 265 V AC, output protection against overload, clip, limiter.

Input type


Input impedance

20000 ohms.

Input sensitivity

6.2 V (+18 dBu).


24 Bit / 96 KHz. 6 factory presets with on-screen selection button.

Pro DG net

1 RS485 input + 1 output link RS485 for network control of the entire system.


1 x XLR female (input signal), 1 x XLR male (output link).

1 x Speakon output for passive unit AVIATOR LA 212 P or IBIZA LA 212 P.

PowerCON NAC3FCB (current supply).


On / off switch and master volume. Preset selector cursor.

Power supply

AC 90~265V - 50 / 60HZ.


Sheet steel enclosure with aluminum front cover. Special oven-dried electrostatic paint finish in black colour.

Dimensions (height x width x depth)

95 x 465 x 192 mm (3,74 x 18,31 x 7,56 in).


4,5 Kg (9,92 lbs) net / 5 Kg (11,02 lbs) with packaging.